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Did you know that…
Homeowner’s Insurance does not cover flood damage. You don’t need to live near a river or ocean to be in a flood zone. Just an inch of water can cause damage to your property. Hurricanes, winter storms and snow melt are common but often overlooked causes of flooding. Please contact us for more information regarding purchasing flood insurance today.

Did you know that…
Most insurance companies offer “multi-policy” discounts of up to 15%. If LTB currently insures only one of your policies, please call to have us review and quote on your other policies. The process takes only a few minutes and may save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Did you know that...
As Competitive Rating continues to play a role in Massachusetts Auto Insurance, let LTB do the shopping for you. We work with more than 6 auto carriers and have the ability to quote each company for you. The qualified staff at LTB will help make the decision that is right for you!

Did you know that…
Personal and Commercial Umbrella Policies provide additional protection and can be added to most homeowner’s and business owner’s policies. With the high cost of medical care and personal injury claims as a result of motor vehicle accidents and “slip and falls”, Umbrella Policies are a sound way to protect your investments.

Did you know that…
For only a few dollars a month, you can add Substitute Transportation Coverage to your automobile policy. On average, a vehicle can spend up to two weeks in the repair shop as a result of an accident. The average cost to rent a vehicle for two weeks can be over $400.00. Please review your policy to see if you have Substitute Transportation Coverage for at least $30.00 a day. If not, please call us to add or increase this coverage right over the phone.

Did you know that…
Not all Commercial Insurance policies cover “Loss of Income” or “Business Interruption Coverage”. Consumers often make sure they have enough coverage to repair or replace their buildings and business property in the event of a loss. Unfortunately, they don’t always check to see if they are covered for the income they may lose during the time it takes to get them back in business. Please call LTB Insurance Agency to review your policy and look for this and other essential coverage's you should have.


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